If this seems rather familiar, well done because . . .

If the title of this blog and the rather silly question mark logo seem a tad familiar to you, you must be one of those souls who spends his or her waking hours hunting the web for blogs to read. The fact is that I already have a blog, courtesy of those empire builders at Google, but given the chance, for one reason or another to start a second, I couldn’t resist. If you are intersted in looking at the first blog, which is already well-established and has more than 100 entries, you can find it here but I shall try to make them a little different, so keep an eye on both if you like.

My first problem so far – and I have tried to start this first entry three times already, as well as change the bloody awful standard background, is to make this more personal. So if, when – and if you visit (tho’ that last observations is a bit redundant because if you are reading it, you are visiting) – and don’t see the green question mark, you will know that, so far, I have failed. If you are desperate to hear what I have to say as opposed to several million other idiots, go to http://pfgpowell-1.blogspot.co.uk/

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3 Responses to If this seems rather familiar, well done because . . .

  1. Monk says:

    Good blog title.

    You even post good comments on Wardy’s Slog blog in spite of the obvious disgust from the acolytes.

    But why so little content here Mr P?

  2. pfgpowell says:

    I tried to email you but my email was bounced back saying the the address was bullshit. So here is what I said: There’s so little content on that blog because I already write a blog courtesy of Google and it’s facilities, and have done for more than three years now. If you are interested, you can find it at http://pfgpowell-1.blogspot.co.uk/

    I can’t for the life of me remember why I also started the WordPress one or even when. I dimly recollect having a bit of trouble getting my head around one or two design things on WordPress and giving up, but anyway why run two blogs when you need – and don’t even need – only to run one?

    Quite apart from that it seems to me that there are so many of us cruds braying our opinions on this, that and t’other courtesy of the ‘information superhighway’ that all we end up with is a cacophony of unintelligible crap signifying nothing much except that we all have a laptop or PC rather too much time on our hands.

    Years ago, I used to keep a ‘diary’ written in longhand in hardcover A4 books, which was though, less of a diary and more of a commonplace book. The Google blog is much the same thing. Despite my trade, I get very little chance to write, and I enjoy writing, so it’s also an excuse to do that. But thanks for the interest, Patrick.

    PS Do you write a blog? (And how ineffably daft to add a post script to an email. It was different when we all wrote on paper, but digitally there’s nothing to stop me simply inserting something earlier on. Oh well.)

  3. Monk says:

    If you replace the hyphen with an underscore in my email address it becomes more useable Patrick. It’s my own unpatented method of spam filtration that I’ve got into the habit of using whenever online – works too, I rarely get any emails 🙂

    See you on the other side…

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