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Wanted: 10 dead bankers (to make way for another 10). Or how we’ll debunk everyone else’s bullshit except our own

My nemesis over at The Slog is banging on again about what a set of two-faced bastard cunts politicians and bankers are. This time he has one Mario Draghi in his sights, the chap who now runs the European Central … Continue reading

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Germany’s ditch-the-euro Afd more popular than God! Scores 113pc in global survey! Watch out Angela! And the Government finally takes action on the growing epidemic of self-importance

The trouble with surveys is that at one and the same time they can be enormously misleading, highly informative, hugely subjective and generally a jack-of-all trades in that their results can be used in all kinds of ways. If I … Continue reading

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Thin-skinned or what? Yours truly is banned by The Slog for not joining in the cheering loudly enough

It is odd how thin-skinned those folk are who like to set themselves up as our conscience but do not necessarily get the universal acclaim to which they think themselves entitled. They get rather uncomfortable when they realise we are … Continue reading

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Does Germany now really have an alternative to the standard euro bollocks? Who knows? But a fanfare, please . . .

Well, the die has been cast and it now only remains to be seen whether the much-trailed Alternative fur Deutschland will become a political force to be reckoned with or just another nine-day wonder. The party is demanding – the … Continue reading

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In which your host tries to explain why he has become rather disenchanted with ‘The Slog’, ‘John Ward’, ‘Mr Ward’, ‘Ron L. Hubbard’ or whatever he chooses to call himself

I seem to have blotted my copybook a little with the various blimps who patronise a blog called The Slog, and one has complained that no one ever visits this ‘ere blog. So in case one or two of them … Continue reading

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It’s true is it? It’s a fact is it? How do you know? Read it on the web, did you? Well, must be true then, eh? Whales can sing Dixie through their bottoms? Who’d have thought it? On the web was it? Funny what you find out.

I read somewhere recently that when the printing press was invented, those who called the shots were extremely worried that the end of the world was nigh. This was bad news. Their reasoning was that information, disinformation and outright rubbish … Continue reading

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A couple of comments on Mrs T and the Left’s reaction to her canonisation

As per title. and I really do think it is high time the Vatican got its finger out and canonised the good lady. Then there’s Anthony ‘Tony’ Wedgwood-Benn, Viscount Stans-something or other that was, Bob Geldoff (Irish to … Continue reading

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